Saturday, January 22, 2011

is it worth it?

Sometimes I wonder if...

  • the intense exercise is worth it?
  • tired ankles and sore heals (I have feet problems!) are producing any results?
  • giving up Pumpkin Chocolate Chip cookies is the right choice?
  • sweating so much that even the best of deodorants are ineffective?
  • quitting is an option?

And then other times I question what it is like to...

  • see your toes?
  • shop in the regular sized clothes?
  • be spun around the room by my hubby?
  • run a race?
  • train for a marathon?
  • not feel like a yo-yo?
  • have a seat belt fit comfortably?
  • chase a little kid (this is NOT an announcement!) around the house all day, every day?
  • go up several flights of stairs and not be out of breath?
  • feel like I have self-control?

But the desire to... 

  • explore the unknown
  • reach my goals
  • live a healthy life

...makes me keep pushing and fighting though the wondering.

So to answer the title of this post... YES IT IS!


Robyn Hathaway said...

Oh Lisa!

You are so funny and AMAZING! I think it is incredible that you have taken on this challenge of getting in better shape!

It is hard, but you'll feel lots better as you keep it up, both physically and emotionally. I came home from my mission in better physical condition than I had ever been in (walking 6 hours a day will do that to you ;) ) and felt great. Unfortunately I didn't keep up with it and I am now in probably the worst physical shape I have ever been in.:( Hopefully as school lets out I'll find more determination to be like you and get back in shape.

Just remember, healthy (not skinny) should be your goal! (Though with the results you had last week, I'm sure it won't be long before Casey has to start chasing those high school boys off with a stick!)

Good luck! Love you!

Lisa said...

Robyn... you just made my whole day!! :) I will tell Casey your suggestion to get his stick ready... ha,ha,ha... that is SO funny! :D
And being healthy is the goal--loosing weight (and being thinner--doubt I will ever be "skinny") is a side benefit!