Thursday, January 20, 2011

loving my student spouse

When this semester began, I wanted desperately to do something extra special for Casey to remind him of my love.

I picked one of the books he was required to have for this semester and filled it with handwritten sticky notes.  I picked a computer programming book because he was the most excited about it and I thought he would actually read it.  I know nothing about programming or understanding the language of that book (I swear it was not English!).  I flipped through the book until I could find something I could easily adapt into a loving phrase.  I would use the key concepts/ chapter reviews and then make my own list of bullet points of things to know (your handsome, I love you, thanks for helping take out the trash, etc).  I also loved using graphs/ charts and pictures.   I had no idea what any of the original things meant but the ones now (I put my drawing/ chart directly on top of the one in the book) are filled with love and kisses.  Just get creative with whatever book you happen to choose.  (This could easily be adapted for anyone really--not just students... pick something they go to often--scriptures, instructions for a game, planner, etc and fill it with sticky notes in random places and random pages.)

This one is my favorite...  The book/ class is C# (C sharp).
And the note says.... "I know Casey is # (Sharp)"
I know it is cheesy... but Casey loved it!  And that is all that matters...  
Good luck on coming up with matching love notes for your spouse!

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