Sunday, January 23, 2011

...the Master's Hand

Do you need an FHE idea?
Do you frequently go on boring dates?
Do you want some quality roommate time?
Do you encourage your children to be well rounded?
Do you desire more than anything to come closer to the Savior?

If you answered YES to any of these questions (or even if you answered no...) then I have the perfect idea for a family/ couple/ roommate/ preschool trip/ solo outing.

If you live anywhere remotely close to BYU
 then you have absolutely no reason not to attend this
 once in a lifetime opportunity...

The Museum of Art
at Brigham Young University
is currently displaying
"Carl Bloch--the Master's Hand"

So I know that name probably doesn't mean a lot to some of you... 
to be honest, I didn't really recognize at first it either.  
But maybe these pictures will help...

The exhibition currently has five large altar pieces (large is quite the understatement), with 4 of these pieces being the first time they have left their native location of Denmark or Sweden.

They are breath taking! 
 If you thought the reproductions of the pictures we have all seen are beautiful--
wait till you see the real thing, in person.  
BUT... don't wait too long!  The exhibit is only here until May!
They are here on visit but unfortunately (I guess part of the loan agreement from the Cathedrals who own the pictures) no photography inside is allowed.

You have to have a FREE ticket!  
Click here for the Carl Bloch home page and then scroll to the 
bottom right corner for the link for the free tickets.

P.S.  Stay tuned for another blog post about a 
quiet "book" idea I had from this exhibition.
I already made ours... it is easy--you will love it! :)

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