Sunday, January 30, 2011

nervous for weigh in

So I am a little nervous about my weigh in tomorrow allow me just to share a few reasons why.

1.   While I was subbing the foods class, I resisted the urge to eat the cookies and breadsticks they were making!  (Good!!)  But (bad), there was tons of extra dough and I brought it home and made Pizza.

2.  We went out to eat with all of my mom’s family because my aunt from Georgia was in town on a business trip.  I picked something off the “Fresh and Fit” menubut still.

3.  One day, since I wasn’t able to find a sub job, I went up and played with my mom and helped take my grandma grocery shopping.  We went to fast food and I ordered a salad.  It was great!  But holy cow was that a humungous salad!

4.  I ate out twice at my Stake Center (once for stake institutedate night!  and the other for Super Saturday)

5.  I made scones (like baked in the ovennot deep fried) for breakfast today.  I wanted to make my sweetheart a special Sunday breakfast.  I used whole wheat flour, splenda, and yogurt but they were SO deliciousI probably ate more than I needed too.

I guess there isn’t much I can do now too bad I can’t have a “Last Chance” workout today.  But the Sabbath is meant to be a day of rest and the program has my weigh in on Mondays.


skiyankee said...

I agree with Dr. Oz in this clip that it probably isn't really good to full on binge but that humans make mistakes when dieting and trying to loose weight and this is a simple way to keep on track when you do.

Patrick, Adrienne, & Bella said...

what program are you using?

Lisa said...

"The Biggest Loser Challenge." It is a Wii game and I LOVE it/ highly recommend it to others! :) It was around $40. You could probably start using it soon ish because they have a light workout--great for post baby!