Thursday, February 17, 2011

the day of love

"Valentine's Day isn't about you or me but rather who we are together.”

I figured it wasn't too late to share pictures and memories from the day of love--and instead of it just being a day, we celebrated the whole weekend. <3
Notice the cute table cloth??  I <3 it! :)
I know... I already blogged this photo...
But this was getting ready for the dance!
At the Institute Dance!
There was a live 20 member band.
It was fun--esp. because we were together!!!
This was at the end of the dance...
We were both tired and my hair no longer curled
but I still think it is adorable!
Words can't express how much I love this picture! :)
This was a professional picture at the dance.
There are more pictures to come--check back...

This was actually on Valentine's Day.
We went out to eat at the Olive Garden--but forgot about taking a picture.
After we ate, while Casey was walking around the car
(after opening my door)
I placed the first clue on the dashboard.
I made a scavenger hunt for him! :)
Finding another clue.
And another.
The clues led him all over our house.
And they finally led him to a picture of a new hard drive.
(I decided it was better for him to actually buy the right hard drive.
I would have no clue which one to get!
But I still wanted to do something sweet for him...)
I was SO surprised!
Casey bought me a cookbook that is healthier
and has hidden veggies in everything.
I have no idea when he bought this or how he wrapped it!!
I found this Tuesday after I finished subbing.
The note says: "Thanks Beauty for a wonderful Valentine's Day with you!
I <3 U ∞!"
And Casey loved his sugar cookie!
And I LOVE him... and he LOVES me!

We hope you had just as wonderful of a Valentine's day (and weekend) as we did!  May the love continue to blossom all year!!

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