Saturday, February 19, 2011

Gospel ABC Quiet Book

So... um... I don't know why I love quiet books so much right now considering we don't have any kids... 

But, I started making a Sunday/ Gospel ABC book.  I got the idea from oopsey-daisy and am kind of doing what she did but greatly changing it too.

I want to make mine more of a quiet book (meaning interactive) instead of just something to look at! :)

Reasons why I love this idea

  • It uses paper!  (no expensive embellishments...)
  • Which also makes it smaller and easier to take back and forth to church/ etc
  • And it uses sheet protectors
  • AND--it is gospel related!! :)  It will (hopefully) help build testimonies as well as keep tiny mouths quiet
I went through and found all of the quotes today for my book (again, used some of the same ones but probably changed more than I kept).  Tomorrow is going to be scripture finding and (hopefully) picture cutting.

I will for sure post pictures once I get to the crafting part of it! :D  Until then... it feels so awesome to be working on something crafty again but even better knowing it has a purpose!

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Christina Tandy said...

I love quiet books, they are so much fun! Here is the link to the quiet book we are making at Mid Day Break: LDS quiet book