Saturday, February 12, 2011

Haircut and Roses

So... this isn't really the best picture to show off my hair cut... but considering we haven't really taken anything else--it is going to have to do for the moment.

My hair was down to my waist (in the back) and it was SO annoying because it was constantly tangled and always in my face when I was exercising.  The lady cutting my hair thinks she probably cut off 6 inches or so but at least 3 inches were a split end, tangled disaster.  

Now my hair reaches mid-shoulders on my back and I can barely touch the end when I reach my hand behind my back.  It seems short to me when it is down but still longer than I would like when it is up in a pony tail.  (I guess I just want my hair to be really short when I pull it back to workout but then really long when I leave it down.... too bad I can't have both! ;) )  It basically looks the same as before (straight cut) just somewhat shorter.

The roses came from my darling sweetheart.  He went to go get the oil changed yesterday and came home with these as a surprise for me.  The reason was because we were going to the Institute Dance and he wanted me to have flowers for it.  He is so thoughtful!!  

The picture is terrible... ignore the weird shadows!!
But at least you can see the beautiful roses and sort of the length of my hair! :)


Emily said...

I have to tell you that I think it's so cute that you post on here (and on facebook) how much you and Casey love each other! We need more of that in this world of ours. I'm happy for you!!!

Lisa said...

Thanks Emily! :) It always surprises me who actually reads this thing... Casey is so easy to love and so good to me--sometimes I don't know what else to write about... ;)

Tebb said...

Definitely can tell there was length cut off! It's always refreshing to get a new 'do. :)
You got yourself a fabulous fella too.

Lisa said...

Thanks Tebb! :) It is so weird because it still seems long when I have it pulled up in a pony tail but short when I have it down. Someday, I'm going to do something drastic with it... but not today ;)