Thursday, February 10, 2011

he LOVES me!

So remember on Sunday when we went to the Single's Ward... well, after it was over, I had to go straight to another ward in our stake because of my new calling.  We (meaning myself and the Stake Primary President--I'm the first counselor) went to the Japanese ward primary (why we have a Japanese ward in our stake--we have NO idea... they meet in a different building then the rest of the stake so they were not effected by our building flooding.) to introduce ourselves and see if there was anything that we could help them with.

It was seriously amazing sitting there listening to the kids sing in a language I have no experience with and still feel the spirit so strongly.  

Well, because it was Fast Sunday, I knew I would come home STARVING.  I asked Casey to make dinner--I would have been totally fine with box mac'n'cheese.  But he totally surprised me with a gourmet dinner.  We had candles, "romantic cups," a beautiful table decoration--including our Sadie's picture and a rose, and dinner was served in separate courses.  I was not allowed to get up from the table to help clear any dishes or get the next course.  Casey treated me like a real princess... and I definitely am the luckiest girl in the world! :)
A few notes:
(1) This was on Sunday--not that you can see my hair anyway but this is when it was still LONG.
--Shorter hair picture to come soon! :)
(2) Yes we are matching.  The girls in the Single's Ward loved it--and so do I!! <3
(3) I count my blessings everyday--and the list always starts with Casey!  He truly is amazing!!!!!!


Julie And Adam said...

How sweet!!! You have it made! You better hang onto that husband of yours! I love how happy you are with each other. It makes me smile!!!

p.s. Your face looks thinner!

Lisa said...

Thanks Julie! :) I never could have dreamed I would be so in love with my best friend!! Life just keeps getting better!!!

And thanks... I love hearing compliments like that!!! :) And it makes me laugh that my face is loosing weight! I feel like it is the only muscle I never work out!