Wednesday, February 2, 2011

purpose in prayer

My new favorite motto...

"I know our prayers are being heard!!  We just don't understand how they are being answered yet..."

This seriously is the theme of our lives... and so we keep walking in faith!  Sometimes feeling like we are completely in the dark...  But at least we are not alone!


Kyley said...

Oh Lisa! I love your blog and I love that quote. Another one of my favorites is "Faith in God includes Faith in His timing." -Neal A. Maxwell

I hope you find a job really soon!

Lisa said...

Kyley... you are SO good! How did you know this was about a job?? LoL!

I LOVE that quote by Maxwell... I'm adding it to "I should remember this when I am frustrated with waiting" list... ;)

The quote is mine. I sent it to a friend as I was frustrated with the job situation... and decided I liked the way it sounded that I was going to quote myself... hee,hee,hee