Friday, February 4, 2011

Romantic Breakfast Idea

Really this post should be called "Egyptian Eggs" but Romantic Breakfast Idea was SO much cuter! <3  I thought I would post this now so you can either make it tomorrow (we normally have fancy breakfast on Saturdays) or so you can have enough time to plan ahead so you can make this for your special someone!!  (Even if you don't have a "special someone" that special someone is yourself--you still deserve a love filled, hot breakfast!!!!)

Anyway, some of my roomies my freshman year would make Egyptian Eggs.  I had never heard of them before that!  Casey had a missionary companion make them too (but his comp called them something different...).  Normally my roomies would just use a cup and stamp out a circle (you will see what I mean in a minute...) but using a cooking cutter is SO much more fun!  P.S.  We were given an HUGE container filled with cookie cutters for our wedding--we will likely have several shapes of Egyptian Eggs throughout the years to come! :)

Also please note:  although this recipe has a cool name, it is seriously no harder than frying an egg/ making grilled cheese.  Please be forgiving if these instructions are kind of overly simplified... I don't know how to explain how to fry an egg without sounding like a teacher trying to teach 7th graders--they would need this simple/ detailed of instructions!  (And I honestly might use this for a breakfast/ easy lab idea for my future students!)

1 slice of bread
1 egg
salt & pepper
cooking spray
cookie cutter

1.  Using the cookie cuter (or a cup or a knife and hand draw a shape) stamp out the center center of the bread.  Note:  there should be a border of bread going all the way around the shape.

2.  Butter the slice of bread (not the cut out part) on both sides.

3.  Spray an already hot (medium heat) fry pan with cooking spray.  (I know you will be tempted not to spray it because you buttered the bread!  But do it anyway because the egg needs it!!)

4.  Put the bread slice on the pan and then crack the egg and pour it into the shape opening and try to keep the egg IN the opening (in this case a heart).  If you want over hard style egg, break the egg yolk--and then keep breaking it for a bit.  If you want a over soft style egg, leave the yolk alone.  Sprinkle the egg with salt and pepper.  Cook that side for 2-3 minutes (maybe slightly longer).

5.  Using a pancake turner (this is what most people call "spatula") flip the bread and egg together and cook the other side.  Probably 2-3 minutes again.

6.  Serve with the prettier side (you can decide--but will likely be what was on the pan first) facing up.  Don't forget the original cutout shape.

Note:  We have eaten these plain by themselves, or with cheese and bacon (like a sandwich), or with jam smeared across the whole top--yes including the egg... it is really good actually, etc!

P.S.  Sorry there is no picture of my darling sweetheart eating them... we both forgot because they are SO yummy!


Tebb said...

I love it...may even give it a whirl. thanks!

Lisa said...

Tebb--have you tried it yet? ...yummy, yummy!

Lorelei said...

I know this is an older post, so hopefully you see this. My friend makes these all the time (usually with a circle cutter) and called them "birds in a nest." She does daycare, so she uses a pancake griddle and can make like 9 at a time for all the kids. Amazing! I want to try making one someday.

Lisa said...

Lorelei, I always see all of the comments because I set it so I have to approve them before they are published...

I like "birds in a nest!" That sounds so much cuter than Egyptian Eggs! :) I heard another friend say they called it "hole in one breakfast."

Jessica said...

lol we called that eggs in a basket all growing up!!

Erin Despain said...

I was craving fried eggs this morning and decided to try this- it's such a good idea. And so easy!

Lisa said...

@Erin! Did you make any fun shapes with it?
Miss you!