Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Secret Love Symbol

I decided this was great to post during pre-Valentine's week...  Ideally it carries on for much longer than Monday though! :)

At Education Week (either this past year or the year before--no idea!), Casey and I went to a class and I don't even remember what the subject was.  But I will always remember a tiny little gem we took from the class.

The teacher was talking about how he and his wife shared a secret love symbol.  I was wondering what on earth a secret love symbol was.  (As you are probably now too...)  Well, it is something you can do to tell your spouse you love them without anyone knowing it.  So this means saying "I Love You" (although fabulous words to hear) is out for this activity.  The teacher said he and his wife started writing/ "signing" the numbers 143 to each other.  She would write 143 on napkins in his lunch box.  He would scratch his face with 1 finger then 4 fingers then 3 fingers while sitting on the stand.  This quickly grew into their "love symbol."
I recently heard of a dear friend who has a secret hand squeeze with her husband.  I have no idea what exactly their squeeze is but they do and they know it means "I Love You" without anyone else knowing.
Some other ideas I had are winking, toe tapping, touching your ear...  There are LOTS of ideas and it would be even more meaningful if you and your spouse kind of came up with it together.  What do you do to say "I Love You" right now?  Do you have any gestures/ movements--if yes then that is an easy love symbol to evolve.  If no--then now is the time to create something.  It doesn't have to be elaborate or even creative... just something between the two of you! :)

So what is our secret love symbol you ask??  ...Well, that is a secret and I'm not about to spill the beans on this one.  I can tell you though that we both use it all the time!!  If we are standing apart in a room or when we write e-mails back and forth or when talking would be inappropriate or etc--we turn to our love symbol to let the other know that we are thinking of them!

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