Monday, February 14, 2011

TBL Challenge Review

After playing The Biggest Loser Challenge for over a month... I thought it was time I write a review about it.

I guess first off, let me explain a little about what it is.  When you first start, you will complete a fitness test.  This is to see where you should start exercising--and it is great because it is designed for everyone.  It starts out doing extremely light exercises and then progressively gets harder.  You can manually stop the test at any time or when you performance bar falls below a certain point, it will stop it for you.  This was nice because I feel like I personally am being challenged during my workouts but not killed.

The fitness test is also great because I can get a great workout that is good for my ability but so can my husband who is already in much better shape than I am but also someone who is less active than I was when I started would still be able to have workout designed to their ability.

After you complete the test, you get to decide how much time you have to workout everyday, who you want your trainer to be, and how many days a week you want to workout.  If you have a yoga ball or resistance bands (I don't have either) you could add that and it will incorporate them in your workout.  Then everyday (or as often as you set the number of days to) you will have a different workout.  The workouts rotate between Circuit Training, Box-Fit (my favorite!), and Yoga.


  • It works--I am loosing weight!!! (And I am eating healthy...)
  • Keeps track of your progress
  • The trainers are much nicer than the TV show.  They encourage and push but I don't feel like I ever get yelled at.  And it is rated E so they never swear!! :)
  • Very similar to the TV show in a game type of way
  • Has the option to keep a food log (this drove me nuts so I turned it off)
  • Different workout everyday
  • Workouts push you and require sweat (I'm not motivated to push myself as hard as it does)
  • You can save workouts you like and do them again later
  • Has challenges "mini games" you compete in weekly
  • Learn healthy lifestyle tips
  • My endurance and ability are increasing
  • In your own house, whenever you want
  • Has the option to use with the Wiimote and Wii Fit Board, or just the Wiimote, or nothing (if you don't use anything, it can't really give you feedback/ points for doing the activities)
  • You can't decide what day your weigh in is nor can you tell it not to exercise on a certain day  (meaning I loose points for my game total every Sunday because I don't exercise on Sundays)
  • If you are using the Wii Board, you are not suppose to wear shoes--I have high arches which results in feet problems and pain! :(
  • 3o minute workouts (that is what I have mine set to) are normally at least 34 to 38 minutes.  (This could be good... but when I exercise in the morning--I am on a super tight schedule!)
  • Sometimes the exercise (jump roping is normally the worst) is not recognized by the Wiimote so you get 0 points for the activity even though you sweated up a storm ;)
  • You have to realize that it is just a game and the points (even when calculated incorrectly) don't really matter.  You are going for a healthier you and even if you get 0 points for jump roping, your body still earned the points.

I would seriously recommend this to everyone.  Whether you are in shape or you are a shape, (I am slowly changing from a shape to in shape!) this definitely helps you see the results you want!
  (And I like this SO much better than Wii Fit because it gets your heart rate up and then maintains it through out the workout.  With Wii Fit, you exercise really hard for the duration of the game and then you stop while it tells you the scores and etc... and then you start again.  I never really saw results with the Wii Fit.)
Jump Roping
Boxing! :)
"Champions aren't made in the gyms.  Champions are made from something they have a deep inside of them—a desire, a dream, a vision."
–Muhammad Ali

P.S. Stay tuned for week 6 weigh in :) 

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