Thursday, February 3, 2011

Valentine's Decoration Idea (easy)

 So... when I started out making the crocheted hearts,
the purpose was to hang them on the front door.

Well, I fell in L-O-V-E (hee,hee) with them
and decided I didn't want to abuse them with the elements.

We were back to square one.
I need a cute Valentine's Decoration for our Front Door.
I searched several dollar stores--nothin'...
(Huge disappointment because they had such cute things for past holidays!)

I found tons of cute ideas of things I could make.
...elaborate wreaths to hanging flowers...
But we are kind of on a tight budget right now... so...
Expensive was out.

Instead I came up with this...

A very simple craft!
(It would be SO fun with little kids!!)
...but it serves its purpose--
a festive door decoration!!! 

1 comment:

Happy Home Fairy said...

It's PERFECT! I LOVE it! You are so clever! And I love your decision to honor the family budget - that's what makes your front door all the more special. :-)