Saturday, March 12, 2011

Completely Satisfied

Going out to eat has always been a problem area -- filled with lots of temptations and a deep love for food.  Last year when we would (occasionally) go out to eat, I would be so excited because of the rarity and try to eat a lot (especially hot bread/ rolls/ bread sticks/ etc!) because I knew it wouldn't happed again for awhile.

Since this year has started, going out to eat has gotten better but I would often leave feeling super overly full and/ or guilty about eating something.

Last night was a break through!  We went out to dinner at the The Old Spaghetti Factory with my family.  I took the time to look up the nutrition information before we went.  And I did it! :D  I found items that I completely enjoyed (I *love* pasta!) and filled me up but left me feeling like I was still in control!  And I was able to make a choice about the hot bread instead of just eating because it was in front of me.  I'm making progress! :)  And realizing that I am slowly conquering the "natural man" is amazing!

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