Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Couch to 5K

I have been told that the hardest part of anything is starting; the first step is the hardest.  Well... I did it!  I started! :)

Earlier today, I finished week 1, day 1.  It was my first run using the Couch to 5k (C25K) method.  I went running/ walking a couple of times already this year because the weather was so beautiful!  But I could never keep myself motivated to keep running and it normally turned more into a leisurely stroll.  Hearing someone tell me to when to jog and for how long though sure helped me stay motivated.  I committed to myself that I was going to do this C25K thing as best I could and keep going even when I wanted to stop; this really is a great starting place--a way to make my running dreams come true.

So... how was day 1?  It was a push but a good kind of push.  I will definitely being doing this puppy again and am so excited for the day when I will actually jog more than walk.  (Week 1, Day 1 consists of 60 seconds of jogging followed by 90 seconds of walking repeated more times that I could count.  Thank goodness for the walking breaks though!!  I way needed them!)  I'm tired but not immovable/ dead--I know this is completely owed to my TBL workouts in the morning.  C25K is a good transition for completely unexperienced runners to competing in 5k marathons.  Best part: it is free!  I found a ton of different music mixes to download with the C25K voices overs--I personally chose Christian music and enjoyed it today while I was out and about.

Oh... one thing, my shoulder hurts--weird, I KNOW!  But ever since I remember (running in junior high for PE) my right shoulder would start aching after I ran/ jogged--even short distances.  Before I have used my (possibly oxygen lacking??) shoulder pain as a reason to stop.  It hurts inside, like under the collar bone around the ball and socket joint.  It wasn't too bad today--just kind of annoying.  But if anyone has tips/ ideas for how to stop the shoulder issues and/or what it is... I would LOVE to hear your suggestions! :)
P.S.  Sorry for a double daily post... again!  The running and break slamming happened TODAY and I wanted to share! :)


Angie said...

Yay for running! For your shoulder, it sounds odd, but go get fitted for new running shoes. College budgets are tight, but a good pair of shoes is worth the investment. I went to Wasatch Running (in Sandy?) and spent about 30 minutes with a guy picking out the right shoes. Totally cleared up the pain (well, most of it ;). I'm a believer now!

Lisa said...

I wanted to get some good running shoes because I have awkward/ high arches and foot pain is a standard around here. I may be convinced. That would be awesome if that solved the shoulder problem! :) --shoes and shoulders don't even seem connected but here's to hoping! :D

Robyn Hathaway said...

Okay, first comment: Your dedication amazes me! way to go!!

second comment (realizing I have 0 medical history/knowledge/experience) I recently told my dr. it felt like all my muscles were attempting to pull into my chest, and he told me it is a common pregnancy symptom not to be getting enough calcium and magnesium so he told me to go get some from pretty much anywhere...they are just over the counter vitamins. The pills say magnesium is important for healthy might be worth it to try. (something like $8 for nearly a 3 month supply from

I would, however, probably put my money on the shoes if you have to choose.

Yay for you! Keep it up!

Lisa said...

Thanks Robyn! :) At first as I was reading your comment, I thought you were going to tell me that achy shoulders were a sign of pregnancy and I was like NO, I'm NOT!! But ha,ha! I am going to have to look into vitamins--and hopefully start being better about taking them... :|

Patrick, Adrienne, & Bella said...

I have had that my whole life. It's so weird. I usually just pull my arm back and stretch out. During the run and after. It's when I'm short of breath and stuff. I don't know if I'm not moving my arms enough when I run or what. lol. But I assume it's just a cramp, like you could get in your stomach, ya know?

As for shoes, oh YES YES! I went to 26.2 here in Provo (by Macey's) and the people are SOOOOOOOO nice! Great shoes make all the difference in the world! They have you run on the treadmill and see how your stride is and stuff and your pronation and whatnot and then guide you to the type of shoe you should get. And they have a 12 or 13 day return policy. Now, let me just tell you that in 24 hours I left the store with 3 different shoes. Asics (I LOVE Asics), then Nike, then Saucony. And I went back and spent another hour walking around the store in a diff Asic because I wanted so badly to have the Asics b/c I love them and b/c the Sauconys were ugly, in my opinion, but I ended up leaving with the Sauconys. I walked around the mall, walked around town, etc. You can even go running and then return them. They are SUPER nice. There's a really skinny guy there and he's a super runner, so he was very, very helpful. There's a BYU runner chick who works there and she is also super helpful. The other two guys who helped me were also awesome. So maybe by now you have new shoes, but if you ever need more or want help, etc. I'd totally, totally go to 26.2.

Good luck!

Lisa said...

I have not bought shoes yet. My feet started hurting SO bad that I could barely even walk. It is going to be amazing when I finally move on to week 2 of c25k.