Saturday, March 19, 2011

Eating Out {a blessing & curse}

For our weekly date last night, we decided to go out to eat at Mimi's Cafe.  After we finished dinner, we went and saw Tangled.  It was a wonderful date--and Casey even asked me to go out with him again next week! :D  (I think he still likes me... hee,hee!)

Anyway, while we were eating out, I decided there are many blessings and curses that accompany such luxuries.

  • Blessing: We were celebrating Casey starting a new job!  He works on campus in the IT Help Desk as a computer support specialist/ help desk phone technician (something like that).  He just started this job a week ago and so far it is working our perfect.
  • Blessing:  Mimi's Cafe has a "Fresh & Fit" menu posted on their regular menu.  This is wonderful for me (and the reason we chose this restaurant!  BTW: if anyone knows of other restaurants with a healthy menu section, I would LOVE to know about it!) because I can still enjoy eating out but still feel good about what I'm eating.
  • Curse:  We were given a basket of free bread which contained sweet breads.  It was a temptation.
  • Blessing:  I asked for some wheat bread instead and our waitress brought out a couple slices.
  • Blessing:  Dinner was delicious and the service amazing!!  We will definitely go back some day! :)  And, one of the best parts about going out to eat, is there are no dishes to wash!
  • Curse:  Casey's dinner came with a free dessert.  I reminded myself I was full and was able to convince myself not to eat the deep-fried, cream-filled doughnut holes.  But maybe a blessing in disguise because Casey enjoyed it!
  • Blessing:  We were randomly selected to fill out a phone survey (which I did in the restaurant) and then would be given a free 4 pack of muffins.
  • Blessing:  We couldn't decide which 4 of the 5 muffins to choose so our waitress offered to give us a 5 pack instead at no extra cost.
  • Curse:  Muffins are still a temptation.  This morning for breakfast, I ate an entire 501 calorie Buttermilk Spice Muffin.  It was SO tasty.  I tried to stop myself... but that obviously didn't work so well.
  • Blessing:  I did an extra workout routine this morning and pushed myself really hard to burn off extra muffin calories.

Overall... the blessings far out weigh the curses!  We had so much fun being together--talking, laughing, holding hands.  It was a memorable evening!


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