Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Flowers--the life of a hair party

I hope hair flowers never go out of style! :) Or maybe I will just be the cute grandma that still wears flowers instead of having a short perm--you know the look!!

Anyway, I spent the evening working on making some more. A few of them are for me--but most of the flowers are for my niece.

I know practically everyone makes them but if anyone is interested in buying some of these "life of the hair party" accessories contact me to discuss price and colors! :) My first crafty project for sale! :)

Out of all of the flowers shown, which one is your favorite? I love the large brown ribbon flower--bottom right corner!


Tobin and Trista Hale said...

I really like the two small brown ribbon ones... And the pink ribbon one by those, it comes in very close running to the brown ones

Jonessa said...

You should try selling them on Etsy. A coworker of mine makes them with a small bobbypin type device so they can go in your hair or clip onto a headband.
The brown one is my favorite too! :)

Lisa said...

Trista--those two were my second choice! But I have worn the pink already several times (I made it a couple of weeks ago).

Jonessa--these are attached to a small hair clip (it is kind of like a bobbypin but has a spring in it.) I have been thinking about etsy but have no idea what/ how to do anything with it. Do you by any chance have more information?