Thursday, March 3, 2011

fold 1 paper into an 8 page book

Don't get me wrong--subbing is great and we are so thankful that I was able to start working right after I graduated!!

But after watching the same movie for the 3rd (plus) time with each period that sub day--sometimes it gets a little boring and that is when I start inventing things to keep me busy.  Like making an 8 page book! :)  This book is really sweet!  It uses one piece of paper and no tape or glue!!  This would be a perfect thing to make with your kids when they say "I'm bored!"  Help them make a book and then let them draw/ write their own story.  Hey, it worked for me when I was bored! ;)

1. Fold paper (I used 8 1/2 X 11--and the book is kind of small.  Ideally you would want a larger size of paper.) in half the hamburger way.
After I opened the fold, I drew a green line on it just so you could keep track of it better.
2. Open the paper and fold in the left side to meet the green line and the right side to meet the green line.  You now have four columns.
On the left fold, I drew a pink line.
On the right fold I drew a blue line.
Notice how all of the lines are folded the same direction so it makes a "bowl" shape.
3. Open the paper and fold it in half once the hot dog.  When it is folded shut, you can't see any of the lines I drew (or your imaginary ones) on the previous folds.
I drew this line purple after I opened it.
Use this picture as a reference for the next step.
Pay attention to where pink and purple line intersect as well as blue and purple.
4. Cut/ score the purple line ONLY between the pink/ purple intersection and the blue/ purple intersection.  (I opened scissors and roughly scratched/ cut the line.  I'm sure you could use something a little more sophisticated than I did if you want it to look smoother.  But my method fulfilled its purpose!)
Hopefully this makes sense!
If you cut too far, then you will have to use tape to make the book and it goes down a notch on the cool factor...
5.  The parts that are left of the purple line and the green lines will have to be folded back on themselves.  This is hard to explain--hopefully the pictures prove to be worth a thousand words in this case.

You end up with a star.
6.  Now fold the star into a book.  Push it flat and then fold the sides together.  And then ta-dah!  You end up with...
...a book!!  And a great form of entertainment for hours!! :)  

So since this post is already getting kind of long--you will have to check back later (hopefully tonight) to see the story I wrote!!

Happy Book Writing! :)

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