Friday, March 18, 2011

Goal To Run

For as long as I can remember, I have had a secret dream to run a distance race.  I have made long lists of things I wanted to accomplish in my life and this would always be on it.  Other things would change as I continued to change and grow--but running has remained.

I started thinking about running recently and realized that the only thing holding me back is me.  I always let my plus size body stop me before but now that I have been working on loosing weight and being healthy--that is really a non-valid (not that it was ever a good reason) excuse now.  It doesn't matter if I finish first or last or some random place in between--I just have to finish.  It wasn't my goal to win first place in a distance race; it was simply my goal to do it.

I remembered last year as we were waiting for the Freedom Festival Parade to start.  We watched all of the runners (some in elaborate American costumes) pass by before the parade began.
Watching the Freedom Days parade 2010

Well, I decided that instead of just watching others go past and wishing it was me, that this year, I am going to make it happen.  I am going to run and change my to-do list to done.  I am not sure if I want to train for and run in a 5K or 10K.  I go back and forth.  In someways it would be awesome to have my first race be a 10K in others I wonder if I should start out slower.

I started running last week a little bit in the beautiful weather--but need someone to push me to work harder and run faster.  I was hoping to somehow just stay motivated by myself.  And then I heard about the "Couch to 5K" and decided I was going to hop on the C25K bandwagon because it would push me.  I found and downloaded mp3s with Christian music in the background.  (I love Christian/ uplifting music!)  When I finish the 5K program, I found another one that transitions you from being a 5K runner to a 10K--hence the reason I am not sure which I want to run.

So here is to 2011!  A year where I make my dreams come true!


Angie said...

yay!! I started running a couple of years ago. Watch out. It's addicting. ;)

have you heard of Jars of Clay? They're a christian pop/rock group. Love them. Uplifting, but you can definitely run to them. Check out the songs Flood and Revolution.

Good luck!! You'll do awesome.

Lisa said...

Thanks Angie! I'm hoping I fall in love with it!

I haven't heard of Jars of Clay that I know of but I listen to a lot of Christian music so maybe? I will have to go listen to those songs specifically! :)