Sunday, March 20, 2011

good things from teacher fair

I thought I would write a quick post about how the teacher fair went... in follow up to Teacher Fair--Here I Come!

I was surprised with how many people there were.  The students came from all over--BYU, UVU, UoU, SUU, WGU, BYU-I, USU, etc.  I thought it was a BYU thing but oh did I think wrong.  BYU apparently just hosts it. But the more the merrier! :)

The next semi-shocking item.  There were schools from Alaska, Virginia, Arizona, and California... just to name a few.  And probably EVERY district/ charter/ private school in the entire state of Utah.  It was busy!  But, I was able to talk to all of the districts in the Wasatch area including going up to Davis, and out to Tooele and Park City.  However, I chose not to talk to Provo School District--it was crazy!  CRAZY!!!  I didn't see the point to wait in a probably hour plus line just to get a paper telling me where their website was.  No... not worth it!

Another one of the presentations at the fair was how to use teachers-teachers.  I have tried to create an account here before and could not figure out what to do.  I was confused and basically gave up.  Well, when talking to several different schools/ districts, I learned that several of them use teachers-teachers for the applications.  I had to figure it out.  I was very grateful for the step by step instructions!  Yesterday, that was my main project--to update and submit my application in teachers-teachers... and guess what?!  It is done! :)

Now for the exciting news... and no, I am not talking about all of the free stuff I was given like bags, pens, sticky notes, etc.  I had two interviews!  Both went VERY well!  The one was especially impressed with my teaching portfolio and my sample disclosure document.  (So grateful I took the time to finish it that morning!)  There are two other schools that had FACS openings and both seemed interested in me too (those two schools were not interviewing on Friday).  The next step is to completely finish my application and then send it off to all four of the schools....  And then keep praying and waiting!

Additionally, I learned that most of the districts don't know if they will be hiring secondary teachers yet.  They should know within the month (hopefully) and so there is a huge possibility that more schools will be hiring--they just don't know yet.  I'm feeling optimistic--there are openings! :)

Thanks for all of your prayers and support!  I know the prayers are being heard and answered in Heavenly Father's own way.  I feel confident everything is going to workout somehow!

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