Tuesday, March 1, 2011

I'm not that OLD

As I was subbing today, I heard one of the student's mosquito ringtones going off.  It was SO annoying and I told them to turn their phone off.  (Unfortunately, I didn't know for sure who had the obnoxious phone.)

All of the student's stared at me in complete shock because they thought there was no way I would be able to hear that.  Apparently as you age, you loose the ability to hear the high pitched squeal.  In some ways, I can't wait until my ears finally grow up because it is annoying and hurts my inner ear.  In others, I hope that I will always be able to hear it while I am teaching (in my own classroom) because I will not allow it!  Or maybe my ears can grow up but some one will just invent a "mosquito alarm" (kind of like a smoke alarm but instead it will flash/ buzz when the ringtone goes off--btw: if anyone invents it from reading about my idea I claim 50% profit... ;) hee,hee!).

Well, I guess it is nice to still be young! :)

Can you hear the mosquito ringtone?  Take the hearing test.  (On this website, I can only hear 16000 hertz and according to it the mosquito is 17000 hertz.  So maybe there is hope that my ears are growing up.  But I do know for certain I could hear it several times in class today!)


Tricia said...

Haha when I was student teaching, my students were always amazed that I could hear what they were talking about across the room during a cooking lab. Whenever I would answer their un-asked questions, they were always shocked that I could hear them.

Lisa said...

You are amazing Tricia! Sometimes I have to make students repeat questions 2-3+ times to understand what they are saying... maybe it is because they would mumble??