Tuesday, March 1, 2011

in like a LAMB

Today is a big day for the month of March! If it comes in like a lamb then it will go out like a lion. (and vice versa)

Today has definitely been Lamb weather. It is beautiful outside with the sun shining and bright blue sky. I loved the fact that I had to wear sunglasses both driving to and from work! And now the stars are out and twinkling. March 1st is a kind and gentle day this year!

So that means that March 31st should be a Lion. It should go out being ferocious with storms, grey clouds and/or cold wind. Only time will tell if the lamb and lion ring true this year or not.

BTW: this post is an experiment from my phone. We will see how it works! :)


Spidergirl said...

I was explaining this to Thomas yesterday afternoon. He didn't get it. I'm glad you know of it too :o)

I had commented that March was coming in like a lamb which unfortunately means for my birthday & our anniversary we'll probably have crummy weather. He thought I was crazy ;o)

Lisa said...

You may just have to plan your first anniversary as a dance in the rain party ;)

Or maybe the lamb will be wrong this year??