Saturday, March 12, 2011

Looking for the Good--FHE Idea

Last Monday, it was my turn to teach Family Home Evening.  I realized this as I was trying to make dinner and finish washing the dishes.  I hadn't prepared anything and wasn't sure what to do!  I grabbed this month's copy of the Ensign and turned to the back for the listed FHE ideas.  I didn't like any of those.  So I started frantically flipping pages trying to come up with something--fast.

I loved the First Presidency Message by President Dieter F. Uchtdorf.  Typically this article is reserved for home teaching but it was perfect for us so I used it anyway figuring when our home teachers come they would share totally different insight anyway.  My favorite part was our activity!  (I posted ours as a video at the end--make sure you watch it! :D )

Opening Hymn: 241 Count Your Blessings
Opening Prayer:
Scripture: Proverbs 15:13
Lesson: Discuss "Looking for the Good" by Pres. Uchtdorf--I picked out my favorite parts and read it to Casey then talked about it together--had this been planned more in advanced (or with little kids) actually doing the water in a glass object lesson/ having other visuals would have been more entertaining.  But we went with what we had given the time limit!
Activity: (inspired by BYU TV's See the Good in the World)  We shared a camera and each walked around our home --seperately-- and found the good things in our home.   It is SO easy to take our many blessings for granted because we live in a one bedroom apartment, our furniture doesn't exactly match, their is no storage space, ETC!  The whole point of this activity was to remind us of all the blessings we DO have! :)
Treat:  It would be fun to go somewhere --like cheap ice cream-- and take the camera with so we could keep taking pictures along the way.
Challenge:  We uploaded all the pictures we took to our computer and then looked at them (and laughed) together.  I challenged both of us to keep looking for the good things we saw throughout the week and be prepared to report next Monday.
Closing Hymn: 228 You Can Make the Pathway Bright
Closing Prayer:

Ok... so now for the BEST part!  I took all of the pictures we took and created a little movie.  I hope you LOVE it--we do! :)

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