Tuesday, March 15, 2011

My Jewelry "Box"

As you were watching our "Looking for the Good" video, you probably (maybe) noticed...
...then you most likely wondered what this was and how on earth was it good.

Well, allow me to explain!  This my friends is BRILLIANT!  This is my jewelry "box."  Obviously, it is not a box.  The picture may be too up close to actually tell what it is though.  It is one of the shoe organizers that you hang on the back of a door.  Ok... so it is not the most gorgeous thing but it is wonderful! :)

The large beaded necklaces (not pictured--they are below where the picture cuts off) are organized into colors with each standard color going into one of the shoe slots.  This helps me find what I am looking for faster because normally when I pick a necklace, I know what color I want!  The bracelets are also sorted--though not quite as well.  Here is the best part though.  All of my chain necklaces/ small things like rings, pins, etc are each in their own TINY ziplock bag (bought in the craft section at Wal-Mart near the beads).  You know how you always put necklaces into the box untangled and then they come out tied in a knot by the necklace fairies??  Well... not anymore!  With each one in its own bag, the most it can do is tangle up itself but I have never had that happen!

This has definitely helped me get ready faster in the mornings and keep our room much more clean!  (I would get impatient with trying to find the right color or untangle some chains and leave tons of jewelry spread out across my whole dresser and onto the bed.)  And I love that it doesn't take up any extra space! :D  Totally recommend this anyone struggling with organization and/or space problems.

P.S. I have another shoe organizer on the other side of the door for shoes.  And I am planning in the future having these little gems on all of our children's closet doors!  They would be great for organizing toys--cars or Barbie accessories/ color things/ craft projects/ hair accessories/ etc!

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Spidergirl said...

Yeah they work great for lots of things- we had one for all of our hair stuff in my house growing up :o)