Saturday, March 19, 2011

Blog Sticker

So a month or two ago, while I was subbing, I started doodling.  I subbed for the same high school teacher two days in a row and by the time I was watching "Rudy" for the 6th time, I needed something to keep my busy.
my doodles
This was long before we started thinking about changing the blog URL or what we would name it if we changed it.  My doodle, which fortunately I kept, worked our perfectly in our new blog sticker though.  Casey scanned it in and then changed the blue ink to black and made everything a separate part so we could shrink/ expanded the different pieces as needed.  After that, I hand sketched the temple and stars and we scanned them in as well and Casey worked on the animation.  Creating our blog sticker has been a work in progress and a total team effort!

I'm SO excited!!  And *love* our little cloud sticker!!!  We hope you will copy and paste the HTML code below the sticker (look to the top right) and share the dream with others! :)
His Dream + Her Dream = Our Dream
i dream with... Living Our Dream Life

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