Sunday, March 6, 2011

Our Weekend Get-a-Way

I have the absolutely best husband ever because he is willing to sacrifice so much for me!!  We went on a mini vacation this weekend--the only cost: gas money!  And even that was recovered because I was able to make money during the process by subbing.  Our "hotel" included free laundry services, free meals, and a free bed! :)  

Thursday night, we traveled up to my parents' home (aka the "hotel") because I was going to substitute Friday at the high school I graduated from.  But... me and driving early (shoot... me and driving anytime) isn't the greatest combination because I fall asleep so easily in cars.  But super early in the morning would definitely be worse!  Casey is so sweet and thoughtful that he agreed to commute on the bus so I wouldn't have to drive in the wee hours of the morning.  So we go up Thursday and spent the night on the spare futon/ air mattress bed.  Friday morning, I wake up later than I normally do and head up to the high school to sub while Casey travels down via bus to his class.

It worked out perfectly that the Grizzly tickets we were given was for that same night!  So Casey comes back up on a super crowded bus.  (He had to stand--too bad because bus rides are fabulous for studying/ working on the computer, if you are sitting!)  My parents went out of town to celebrate their anniversary so we had the house to ourselves.  And so the house was transformed into our "hotel" --with free food!  :)  To start our date off, we went to dinner at Mom's Kitchen... hee,hee!  I made Salmon Burgers.  I had to get creative with the hamburger buns because there weren't any and the bread was low.  I used a roll/can of instant biscuits and smooshed the biscuits together then rolled them out.  Holy cow--DELICIOUS!  We might do this again in the future--by choice not out of desperation.  
Slightly awkward picture...
We were trying to get low enough that you could see us and our gourmet salmon burgers
and use the cell phone at the same time.
See those "salmon buns" though??  So YUMMY!
We decided since we both have bus passes AND the bus that goes right by the Maverik Center also stops only a couple of blocks away from our "hotel" that we would be adventurous and take the bus--really making the date free!  We thought we left early enough to be able to leisurely walk to the bus stop.  I look up though and down the street, I see a bus.  So we take off sprinting only to realize that it was the wrong bus.  There are two buses on that street and the one we sprinted for (and would have made!) was the bus we didn't care about.  (Sidenote:  I *loved* being able to sprint with Casey.  I was keeping up and after we stopped, I wasn't out of breath!!!)

It was really fun to watch the game.  Casey decided it was a lot like soccer (his favorite sport) but the people were on skates and used sticks--kind of the same idea though.  So he loved it!  And I loved being next to him.  I am more the quiet spectator type and Casey is the mildly loud type (he would occasionally cheer and call out funny things--not rude things like those around us...)  It was a fun experience--even though our team lost.  The other team's goalie was really good--and even the second string goalie (read the sportsmanship post.  The main goalie was injured pretty badly.) was still really good!
Another "self-portrait"
We are getting good at these things! :)
Going back to our "hotel" was an adventure in and of itself.  When the game ended, we had 30-40 minutes until the bus came.  The problem was the place where the bus dropped us off did not have any bus route signs because it was under construction.  We didn't know where to get back on the bus.  So we decided to walk down the street to see if there were any other bus stops posted.  Nothing.  We briskly walk back towards the Maverik Center because we wanted to be back there before the bus came--hoping that the bus will stop somewhere to pick us up even though there are no signs.  Our little journey was probably between 1.5 - 2 miles long--at least we were having a "healthy" date too! :)  

We finally see the bus and get out our cellphone to draw attention to ourselves.  The bus saw us.  Relief!  As we boarded the bus though, the driver chewed us out telling us that even though the signs aren't posted that we have to be at an intersection in the future--how would we know that?  We chose to stand under the street lamp because it would help us be seen better. Whatever--we made it back safely to our "hotel."  We were not planning on spending Friday night but by the time we made it back it was 11.  We still had to load our car (our weekend included access to a free laundry machine!!) and so we easily decided to spend one more night.  The best part about our "hotel" was that it included a free hot breakfast the next morning! ;)

It has been a wonderful weekend filled with delightful memories and I am so blessed to have such an amazing date companion every week for the rest of eternity! :D

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