Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Summer Goals...

Spring is in the air... though if you ask all the kids I sub for, really summer is RIGHT around the corner!  I heard some of them talking about all the wonderful things they want to be able to do and go this summer.  So I started thinking about all the things I want to happen.

* Visit a different with my sweetheart... there are 49 we haven't seen together.  I think we should be able to pick one to tour!  CORRECTION:  I just realized today that we traveled out of state for my brother's reception last year.  So make that 48 states--I still think we should be able to find a new one to visit! ;)
* Spend all day at California Theme Park (though not necessarily here) and run around and ride ALL of the rides!  I'm so excited because I haven't been to an amusement park probably since high school... and with me loosing weight, I will actually be able to comfortably fit in all of the seats/ rides!
* Keep training for and finish   my first 5k.  I'm having some hiccups in this process right now--meaning TERRIBLE foot pain!  I'm going shoe shopping and hope that this will solve the problem.  Everyone please say a few extra prayers for my right foot! :)
* Go  with my best friend!  And stay up all night (ok... so hopefully not all night) and look at the stars and laugh about everything.  Hopefully we can figure out some healthy camping foods but will likely have to splurge a little for S'Mores! ;)
* Spend some quality time Click to view and hopefully build back my endurance/ speed from when I was on swim team and competing at a state level.  I've got my work cut out but I'm enthusiastic about it.
* Oh and start working on some  for which subject, I currently don't know.  We are still praying for a job.  I have been working on countless applications.  I have an INTERVIEW on FRIDAY!!!  Here is to crossing all my fingers and hoping that I will actually need to be doing this! :)  Depending upon where I get hired might result in having a moving-day  We really don't know where or when.  Basically our lives are on hold at the moment.
* Celebrate July 4th clip art and Pioneer Day - Covered Wagon
* And spend some time with my  (sister).  We will finally be living in the same city instead of several hours apart and I'm delighted! :)

I am so anxious for summer!!  With all of these plans, it is already looking WONDERFUL! :D
What are some of YOUR summer goals?


Tiersha and Josh said...

Have you looked into those shoes that have the toes? It's like you're walking/running barefoot (which is the best way). Apparently they are a little pricey, but amazing. Something to maybe look into (and reward yourself)!

Lisa said...

I have been researching a lot of different shoes. I don't know how I feel about the toe shoes because I HATE toe socks... so I'm wondering if I would feel the same about the shoes... Have you ever tried them?