Wednesday, March 9, 2011

The Talking Flower

I had a brilliant idea.  Mealtimes have become quiet in our home and I would beg Casey to talk to me but neither of us could ever think of anything to talk about, so after the "how was your day stuff" we would eat in silence.  

Side note: not talking is really weird!  I grew up talking to this boy on the phone for hours practically everyday--at least every other day!!  How is it that we are married and have absolutely nothing to talk about??  I like to think this is a problem for others to--hence the reason I'm sharing my brilliant idea! ;)

I googled (its a verb...) some of the questionnaires that I used to fill out all the time and then send out to e-mail to everyone--how old school! :)  I found one called "Getting to Know your Sweetheart."  Perfect!  I didn't read all of the questions--I just assume that they are good!  I found a couple of others that seemed to be of good quality/ uplifting questions.  I copied and pasted them into Word and made all of the questions the same size & font.  I then printed them out (this is my regret--I wish I would have done it on green paper instead of white) and cut each question apart.  I then stuffed all of the questions into a vase we had laying around and put a fake yellow gerber daisy in the vase too--it had to have something prettier than just paper to sit on the table!!

Ta Dah.  The flower and questions sit on our table and we pull out one strip when there is a lull in the meal and then talk about it.  It is great because we have something to talk about at dinner again AND I am learning so much about Casey!  It is amazing how you can be best friends with a person for 9 years and still not know them! :)

Happy Thoughtful Flower Conversations! 

For example:
Q: If you could have witnessed any event in history what would it be? (and although the question doesn't say it, we include the why and reason behind the choice)
Casey A: Christ's life because he could learn so much--everything.
Lisa A: The dedication (like be inside and actually hear it) of the Salt Lake Temple because that temple means so much to me.

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