Monday, March 7, 2011

Week 9 Weigh-In

So you probably thought that I would have quit with the weigh-ins by now….  And sometimes, I’m tempted to just throw my healthy lifestyle habits out the window and eat lava cake (holy cow… no idea why I crave/ love/ want lava cake so bad!  It is all chocolate and I honestly am not a big chocolate fan but…) and cookie dough ice cream.  But then I remember the reason behind all my work.  And then I step on the scale for my weekly weigh-in and decide my sacrifice is worth it!

-3 pounds

P.S.  Check out this picture—my outfit for subbing today!!  I wanted to wear these pants while I was student teaching—but they never fit.  Not only do they fit... but they are loose!! =)
March 7, 2011


Cami said...

Lisa! You look great! Keep up the hard work!

Lisa said...

Thanks Cami! :) You are so sweet!!