Monday, April 11, 2011

100 Push Ups & 200 Sit Ups

First off... no, right now I can not do 100 Push Ups or 200 Sit Ups.  But I am working on getting there!! :)  A couple days ago I read on Playing It Cooley (my cousin's blog) about her push up challenge.  I was curious and looked into it.

Basically these exercise programs are a free 6 week training camp that helps get your body toned for only 10 minutes a day, 3 days a week.  There are also a few other programs like dips, squats, and pull ups.  I figured this would be great for me to work on after I got home from subbing.  I decided to just start with 2 exercises and will be doing these on T, Th, Sa.  On M, W, F, it is back to C25K jogging for me.  I stopped that for the past couple of weeks because my foot hurt so extremely much.  And then it was snowing and I am a fair weather jogger.

This morning I took the One Hundred Push Up initial test to see where I was at.  10 push-ups on my toes without dying.  I'm ok with this because first off--I did 10 PUSH UPS ON MY TOES!!!  Normally, I still do them on my knees when I am working out with the Wii.  Second of all, it is a great starting place!  My goal is to loose the "Relief Society arm" look by the time I am done with this! :)

I also took the Two Hundred Sit Ups initial test.  I honestly shocked myself as I completed 21 because I thought I was going to be able to do 5.  The Wii never has me do sit ups but apparently it is working my core out in other ways because I guarantee last January, I would have been able to do a total of ZERO!

So basically, if anyone wants to start their own 6 week training.  Click on either the 100 or 200 above.  And then you can read more about the program.  Also, by scrolling to the bottom and looking on the left side, there are the other routines that you can click on and link to those pages.

Here is to healthy living... one day... one push up... one sit up at a time! :D


Bridget said...

I did the 100 push-up challange a few years ago. It was amazing to me how strong you will get injust 6 weeks! Also, saw my arms trim down a little :) Maybe I should do it again :)

Lisa said...

Yeah! :D I love hearing success stories! My arms are sore but that is supposed to be a good thing because I'm breaking down muscle! :)

You totally should do it too! We could keep motivating each other.