Saturday, April 2, 2011

Conference Bribe: treat for notes

I know this is kind of late... considering that General Conference is today and tomorrow... but I thought I would share one of our favorite conference traditions.  I'm sure in the future as children join our family that our conference traditions will be sure to change.  But I hope this one will remain!!

Casey and I make a deal.  While he is at Priesthood Meeting, I will make his favorite (he gets to choose--one time he picked banana cream pie) treat.  In exchange, he will take good notes while he is there.  Once he comes home, we share both--the treat and the notes!  Really, it is a win-win situation! :)

This year, Casey chose cinnamon rolls.  So this evening will be filled with FROSTING.  Frosting on the cinnamon rolls and THE frosting for general conference.  I'm excited!! :D


Bossy said...

My family does the treat thing too. I am stealing your clipart and linking your blog to mine I hope that is okay. Also I saw your weigh in photos. Great job!


Lisa said...

Sharing is caring! :) I looked on your blog and couldn't see it though... did I miss something? Or has is this for a post in the future?

Mom said...

You just get up too early in the morning! The post came up about 8:00 this morning...come back and look again.

Lisa said...

I was up well before I got on here too! :) Loving the life of a college student wife with my husband working part time on campus before his classes! ;)