Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Easter 2011

I thought I would share the highlights of our Easter!  This is our 2nd MARRIED Easter and it just seems weird.  In some ways it doesn't seem like we have been married for almost 1 1/2 years but in others it feels like I can't remember life without Casey in it.  Weird how time changes and gets faster as we get older! ;)

We started Easter week by celebrating Passover.
I am looking through the Passover cookbook.
One of the few "action" shot pictures we have.

We made bird nests for our loved ones.
I felt bad because I'm not very talented at the bird nest building thing...
But everyone seemed to enjoy them and thought they were cute! :)

We went on an Easter Egg Hunt.
Our eggs were blessed with money 
and mine had SF candy so I can enjoy it  and not feel bad! :)

I rearranged the Bunny Village at my mom's house.
She claims that every time she would walk by it, 
the bunnies would be in a different place.
And she missed that this year.  So I helped! :)
I assigned each bunny a person and this picture is of the "Casey & Lisa" bunny.
The Casey bunny is brining the Lisa bunny some roses and some more food.
The Lisa bunny is busy making dinner! :)
And of course we are kissing!!! <3

The Easter Bunny was very good to Casey!

Mrs. Bunny even took the time to make love notes for each thing.
I basically came up with cheesy poems/ matching word for each thing.
This one is my favorite--it is on the back of a Reese's Egg!

The Easter Bunny was also VERY good to me!!  
Though much more practical and not as romantic.
I already love and have used the cookbooks!
And I loved my white chocolate peanut butter egg!
It was the absolute BEST FHE treat!!!
--they are my FAVORITE and totally worth it for a small one! :)

For Easter breakfast we ate German Pancakes.
We both love these and it has been a while!

We enjoyed attending church!
Taking the Sacrament was seriously my favorite part of Easter! :)
Lucky for me, I get to do that EVERY Sunday!!!
After church, we came home and made an Easter feast together.
The squash in the front doesn't look so great but it is DELICIOUS!
And I already wrote about the Deviled Eggs--amazing!

And finally we walked around 3.5 miles to the Provo Temple and back home.
We are in our Easter clothes.  I LOVE this dress! :D
--Casey was sweet enough to wear a pink tie to match my dress!
The coming home trip started getting REALLY cold and sprinkling.
Once we were home we decided to watch "The Lamb of God"
as we defrosted in flannel pajamas and fleece blankets.

It truly was a WONDERFUL holiday!  We enjoyed being together! :)
But most importantly, we loved remembering the Savior!

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