Friday, April 8, 2011

Integrity: defined & lived

Integrity--choosing to do what is right, even when no one is watching.

A little while ago our Bishop talked to us about integrity.  (Actually, it was when we attended the Single's Ward because our building was flooded.  {Hilarious story btw... my sister still teases/ laughs about that blog post.}  We went to the Single's Sacrament Meeting and the Single's Sunday School.  But we had our own combined Priesthood and Relief Society meeting.)  He told us about how we were people of integrity by choosing to attend church that day, even though there were thousands of excuses not to.  A few weeks later, one day while I was subbing, the school counselors came into my classroom and played a game with the students about integrity.  Only one class kept their word and played the game with integrity.

Since those two integrity lessons, I have continued to think about it.  What does living with integrity mean in my life?  While I was a student, it was easy to know how I could live with integrity--don't cheat.  While I was growing up, it was easy to live with integrity--be where you say you are going.   Since I am all old and grown-up now, has the way to live with integrity changed?  I don't think so.

Doing the right thing when others are watching is way easier because it is scary getting caught.  But is that real integrity or just a side kick to fear?  Real integrity comes when you choose to do the right thing, even when no one else will ever see or know about it.  When the spotlight is turned off and the audience left, do you still choose to do the right thing?

Do I?


Simple ways I can show integrity:

  • obeying the speed limit
  • taking a box of cereal back to the store that I didn't pay for and was accidentally placed in my plastic bags at the check-out
  • keeping my promises (including washing the dishes if I tell Casey I will do it in the morning)
  • sticking to my diet

Integrity is not something you can just check off your to do list but rather one of those to be things as talked about by Lynn G. Robbins at General Conference.

What are some ways you show integrity in daily life?


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Howdy this issue is very concerning. Keep it going fellow !