Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Lasagna Cupcakes

I forgot to take a picture of ours... this is HG's...
but ours looked just as good!  Serious!
Well... minus the cute square plates and adorable table cloth.
Ok... I totally agree that the name sounds strange.  But we are talking 100% love here people for these absolutely delicious and healthy "cupcakes."  (Basically "cupcake" means individual serving... don't let the name scare you off!)  It was the first recipe I tried from Hungry Girl's 300 under 300 and I am hooked.  I did make some changes--like adding pureed veggies to the sauce and adding green peppers and etc but basically, it is the same thing.  They are very simple to make... though not exactly super fast.  A few words of warning if you make these--first of all although they are incredible, remember portion control.  Oh and fyi: we ended up with 14 muffin cups and leftover meat sauce.  2nd--spray the muffin tin really well with Pam spray--ours weren't too bad but the wonton wrapper kind of sticks easily.  3rd--I found the wonton wrappers by the tofu.  In Wal-Mart, it was located in the veggies that have a mister going off.  Kind of by the salad bags and pre-cut veggies.

And you all are in luck!  Hungry Girl posted this recipe (click that for the recipe) online!  If it is a book exclusive recipe, I am going to respect the copyright.  If it is something already online from HG herself, then I don't mind sharing.

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