Friday, April 1, 2011

Living Our Dream Life--What is it?

Are you new to Living Our Dream Life?   Welcome! 
Are you returning for the 2nd for 200th time?  ... Glad you are back!
Are you wondering what Living Our Dream Life is all about?   …keep reading—this post {slightly long} is for you!

Background Information:
Ever since I was in junior high, I have faithfully written in my journal every night.  I have volumes of “The Lisa Book.”  Currently the stacks of journals, filled with my goals and pains and C.O.W.s (crushes of the week), are located at my parents’ home.  I’m not sure what to do with them, honestly—I just know that I loved writing them.  (They would be fun to go back and read—and maybe share….  I’m sure I have forgotten so much of the {then} most embarrassing moments ever and lessons I promised NEVER to forget.  I bet I forgot.)

Around the same time, I began my daily journal writing ritual, I also met Casey.  We quickly became best friends—though I never thought I would marry him.  I dreamed of marrying my best friend but I never thought it would actually be him. 

Anyway, my love for journal writing has continued.  I still continue to write in my journal now (this volume is a large BYUSA spiral notebook—nothing fancy but it works!), though not as often because I also post on our blog.  We first started the blog simply as a way to keep loved ones and dear friends up-to-date on our life.  (Read some of the first posts.  It is more like a history-log of our lives than anything.)  But then I realized, I *love* blogging!  Seriously!  This is an easy connection because I love writing.

Sometime at the start of 2011 (maybe end of 2010), I really thought that no one read our blog.  I wondered if it was worth the effort to keep it current.  I decided it was—even if there were only two readers (my mom and myself)—because I enjoyed it.  While I doubted the readers of our blog, secret followers started to appear out of the woodwork.  Classmates would compliment some accomplishment that I had only shared on the blog or friends at church would tell me how they loved reading it.  I was shocked.

So after a few more months of watching my blog stats page, we decided to change the blog url.  We contemplated a name for awhile.  We could never find a .com address that was open that we both liked.  Finally we settled on Living Our Dream Life.  (Feel free to read more about the blog title and how we came to that and also what our dreams are by reading this post.)  It was perfect.  Our dreams really have come together forever and although our dreams and goals continue to change every day, we still love the {unpredictable} life we share together.

Themes of Dreams:
Finally… with that super long explanation… what can you expect to find as you dream with Living Our Dream Life…?
*Optimism.  Life is so wonderful, it is worth celebrating.  Yes, we have struggles too, but we focus on the glass being half full and then share it.  This also includes celebrating the little things—and all the holidays!  So if you ever need a “pick me up because I’m having a bad day,” it is my hope that you can come read some posts (either current or random ones from the past) and remember how wonderful life really is.
            Themes of Dreams: Day to Day Life, Eternal Newlyweds, Celebrating the Holidays (honestly, hopefully all of them)
*Daily Dreams.  When Casey and I were married for time and all eternity, I never could have guessed everything that our dream would become.  As we discover it day by day, I generally share what our dream continues to evolve to.
            Themes of Dreams: Dream Life, Eternal Newlyweds, Day to Day Life, Living the College Life
*Recipes.  I *love* cooking and experimenting with new recipes.  When I find something that is amazing and worth sharing, I write about it (normally with editorial comments).  Currently, our life is focused on healthy so expect a lot of the recipes to be low calorie/ low fat/ etc.
            Themes of Dreams: Recipes: Successful Experiments, Recipes: Healthy Living
*Crafts.  I also greatly enjoy creating things—including sewing, crocheting, holiday crafts, paper projects, quiet books, etc!  I believe that others might find inspiration from some of my ideas so I share them.
            Themes of Dreams: Creating Crafts, Advent Calendars, Quiet Books
*Goals.  It is so much easier to actually accomplish a goal when you have the support of friends.  I also hope that as I reach my goals, it will help motivate others to shoot for theirs.  For this reason, I share our goals and the progress we (or I) have made.
            Themes of Dreams: Dream Life, The Biggest Loser Challenge, Couch to 5k, Student Teaching
*Faith.  Casey and I are members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.  This is not a Sunday only belief but rather a way of life.  And we both love to share it—if you have questions, please ask!  We realize that not all of our readers will be LDS (aka Mormon).
            Themes of Dreams: Building Your Testimony, FHE Ideas, Strengthening Your Marriage
*And so much more…  I am sure the labels will continue to change as we continue to grow.  Living Our Dream Life is a work in progress!

We hope you will find joy in the journey as you continue to dream with Living Our Dream Life.  Please feel free to share the dream with others!  :)  Thanks so much for your support, comments, and following—it really means so much to us!  :D


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