Saturday, April 9, 2011

Low Cal Cookbook--a wise investment

So while I was googling to find low calorie recipes, instead of just one recipe, I found an entire book of them.  It is on my dream list.  I told Casey to tell the Easter Bunny that I have been a VERY good girl--does the Easter Bunny do that?!  LoL!  Here is to hoping! :)

Or maybe it can be a congratulations for making it through so many interviews type of a present?  Or a just because my life would be so much easier to actually have a low calorie cook book instead of trying to search for ideas on the internet?  Or I have heard of people rewarding themselves for reaching a certain weight loss point and I didn't do anything for that--yet?  Certainly all of these reasons should be good enough to splurge in buying another cookbook!!! :D

(Here is the problem:  Casey thinks that we already have too many cookbooks.  I think we don't have many that I actually use at the moment--yeah cookie book and super fast, easy processed food books or high calorie anything are a no go at my current stage in life.)
See... amazing right?!
And who could go wrong with the author having such a BEAUTIFUL first name? ;)
"300 for under 300" is actually a sequel book to "200 for under 200."  It would be SO nice to have both!!!  The 300 book has much more main courses and would be used on a daily basis.  The 200 book has SEVERAL desserts and would be used on a weekly basis for FHE treat.  I think both are very wise investments!! :)

BTW:  We are not running right out and buying them this very second.  If anyone has any other ideas of low calorie cookbooks--that you like, I would love to hear about them!  I would add them to my consideration list and pick the one(s) I liked the best.


Linnea said...

I know that the Provo Library has the 200 under 200 one - see if you can check it out!

Lisa said...

wow!! I never thought of checking out a cookbook. That is a FABULOUS idea!!! (at least I can see what is in it and use it until we decide to buy it or not)