Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Low Calorie Yogurt Cake

Yes... these look more like brownies than cake.
Read the P.S. comment clear at the bottom.
But they still are absolutely scrumptious!!! :)
First of all... this is AMAZING!  I found this recipe on a French Blog (doubt this is really French... but who knows, maybe?!) about the time we were married and have *loved* it every time I made it!  Really we should call this The World Stops for a Moment while I Float On a Cloud and Experience Heaven in my Mouth Cake but... that is probably too long.  :)  So we went with Yogurt Cake--boring, I know.  The best part about this cake is how many flavors you can make--just keep using different varieties of yogurt.  My favorites are probably Peach Spice or Blueberry and I really want to try Lemon Poppy Seed! :)

I finally adapted the original recipe to make a Healthy, Low Calorie Yogurt Cake version yesterday for FHE treat! :)  I will post both recipes (they are VERY similar--and sorry posts get kind of long when I post two ingredient lists... just keep scrolling!).  For the healthy recipe, it is 89 calories (I actually did the math and figured it exactly out) a serving.  The key here though is that it makes 9 servings and you have to be in control of the number of servings you eat.  Ok... and just for the fun of it, I wanted to know how many calories would be in the regular version, so I figured it out.  The difference is shocking!  "High Octane" version (as I now call it) with 9 servings (using the same sized pan) has 504 calories a serving. :O

Low Calorie Version: (9 servings with 89 calories a serving)
1 "pot" Fiber One Yogurt (4 oz)
1 "pot" skim milk
1 "pot" natural applesauce
1 1/2 T. Ground Flax Seed (plus a scant 1/2 c. water.  Cook seeds and water on medium heat until it thickens)
3 "pots" whole wheat flour
1 "pot" Splenda
1 1/2 t. baking powder
2 t. vanilla
1 "pot" of water ?

High Octane Version: (9 servings with 504 calories a serving)
1 "pot" regular yogurt (6 oz)
1 "pot" milk
1 "pot" oil
2 eggs
3 "pots" flour
2 "pots" sugar (yes I know that light has only 1 pot.  It should have had 2 but I read the recipe wrong but it turned out to be an excellent mistake because it didn't need it)
2 t. baking powder
1 T. vanilla

Optional Mix-ins (for either but not included in the 89 calorie count):
1-2 "pots" chopped fruit (fresh or dry)
1-2 "pots" of chopped nuts
Spices (cinnamon, nutmeg, poppy seeds, etc)
Food Coloring

Optional Frosting:
1 "pot" of same yogurt flavor mixed with 2-4 "pots" of cool whip and then spread on top

Dump all of the yogurt out into a mixing bowl.  Use the yogurt "pot" to measure both the milk and applesauce/ oil and add to the bowl.  Add the eggs.  Stir all the "liquid" ingredients together.  Wash out the yogurt "pot" and dry it really well.  Now use the pot to measure the flour and Splenda/ sugar (and optional mix-ins).  Add the baking powder and vanilla (and optional spices) and stir everything together.

Note: I added 1 pot of water to the light version because the dough was too thick!  The applesauce is not quite as liquidy as oil.  My batter was thicker than a standard box cake mix batter but not as thick as muffin batter.

Pour into a lightly sprayed square pyrex pan.  (Yes, both recipes use the same size pan... although the high octane stuff will rise way more.)  Bake at 350*  Light cake 30-35 minutes (remember it is smaller) and high octane for 45-55 minutes.  Toothpick test the cake.  Cool.  Frost with yogurt/ cool whip if desired.  If you are using a cupcake pan, bake for ~20 minutes.

Enjoy your "The World Stops for a Moment while I Float On a Cloud and Experience Heaven in my Mouth" experience! ;)
P.S. A few editorial comments... if you make the high octane version (at least as far as I remember) it is light and fluffy... kind of like a muffin/ cake.

Our light version tonight turned out kind of heavy. : )  It was more like the texture of a thick brownie--but at least it was low calorie.  Still delicious--just not exactly cake.  A few things that might help this would be first of all to not over mix (I kind of went a little crazy on that) and maybe try it without the extra water.  And maybe using egg whites instead of flax seed might help it to be fluffier.  The sugar helps create structure (and Splenda doesn't really do that) so maybe, you would have to add some non-fat dry milk powder to help build the structure.  And here is another idea... instead of putting it in a square pan, instead use a loaf pan and make a sweet bread--those are supposed to be denser.  I'm not sure but I do know I will keep experimenting--if anyone figures it out/ has good ideas, be sure to let me know! :)


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