Saturday, April 23, 2011

Momentary Job Panic

Everyone remember my "Sweet Hug from Heaven" and how I totally rocked my interview?  Well, I haven't heard back from them--it has been 2 weeks (but one of those was spring break) so I was beginning to wonder if I should just give up on working there.

Yesterday, the job was posted as being opened on to a teacher website.  Total panic!  What?  Why is it now being posted?  Did the interview that I thought went so amazingly well actually flop miserably and I was so oblivious that I didn't even notice?  Did they not like me and so they are posting it to try to find someone else but didn't want to call and tell me that?

So I call the principal and nicely explain who I am and what I was wondering.  She tells me that they are required to have it open for so many days.  Oh... sigh of relief (I guess!).  I ask her if I should resubmit my application through the teacher website and she said no because she had mine, right there on top of the stack.  Squeal--you mean you liked me?  You have me on top!  YEAH!

Sidenote:  The only problem with this job is its only part time.  At my interview, she wanted to know what other areas I could teach.  I didn't know how to respond at the time because I'm a FACS teacher but mentioned ASL (yeah, the school actually teaches ASL--sweet right!?) and then (fortunately) thought of math.  Hello!  I love math--especially the middle school aged math.  I have taken several math classes just because--they didn't count towards G.E. or graduation or anything.  Just to take.  And math is so very closely related to FACS.  They seriously go hand in hand (at least in my opinion!).

As I am talking on the phone with the principal, I then tell her that I am only 4 math classes away from having my Math Level 2 Endorsement.  (I figured that out after the interview.  I can't believe that it is only 4!!!  Why didn't I just take FOUR more classes before I graduated.  But I guess at the same time, I am grateful it is only four if I am going to be going back to school.)  I explain to her that I could take 3 of them this summer and then the 4th is only offered Spring Semester so I would have to take that later.  But I kind of need to know soon because I need to apply and get registered and ETC if I am going to be taking these classes.  Which means, I would be able to be hired full time!  She responded with how that was very good to know because they need math teachers too.  She said she wrote all of that down on my application and that she would go talk with others about it and try to get things moving along.  Yipee!!

Everyone please keep praying!  I feel a renewed sense of hope after my phone conversation yesterday.

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