Friday, April 29, 2011

My 14 Calorie Confession

A few weeks ago, I was just wanting ice cream SO bad.  I had heard of a few low calorie (or at least lower calorie) ice creams while watching The Biggest Looser.  I was at Wal-Mart and decided to just see what my options are and how low of calorie the treats were.  While I was looking, I was not planning on buying but rather just browsing.  I just wanted to learn about how it would affect our financial budget as well as my calorie budget.

Well, there is Weight Watchers and Skinny Cow and who knows what other brands of (semi-) low calorie options available.  Most of them ranging around 80-100 for an ice cream bar.  Not too bad considering it was still ice cream!

And then I saw...
...and it was love at first sight!  ONLY 14 CALORIES PER BAR!!! WHAT?!  I thought I read that wrong because it was so much drastically lower than all of the other healthy ice creams it was surrounded by.  And I don't remember the price (and can't look at the receipt because it didn't print right) but whatever it was, I felt like it was totally reasonable--and even on the cheaper end of things!

I remember eating other Philly Swirl products growing up.  And I loved them.  They are some type of an Italian Ice/ popsicle thing.  I had never tried Sweet Delites but was willing to give it a shot considering the super low calories and my liking of past Philly Swirl products.  And I liked that it was swirled around with an ice cream type substance (it really does taste creamy).  Turning the italian ice into a guilt-free dreamsicle.  I LOVE dreamsicles!!!

And the product review...  Our freezer is going to be filled with these all summer long! :)  Bring on the heat!  These are seriously amazing.  I have tried all the flavors.  I like all of them.  Orange and Raspberry are tied for my favorite spot.  The creamy "ice cream" part going around is absolutely delicious as is the flavored ice part!  Cherry wasn't bad but I'm not a huge cherry flavor liking type of a girl so it makes sense it is not my favorite.  Eating one of these satisfies my ice cream desires and leaves me feeling like I am in control.  And, I guess you could eat more than one if you wanted but just one is always plenty for me.  It is almost like I don't even have to count it on my calorie count for the day.  Sweet Delites and I have got a 100% friendship/ love relationship going on here.  Wonderful!

And for the record, yes it was SNOWING today (like enough to stick to the roads a little bit) and I had to wear my heavy duty (now too big) winter coat while driving to work.  And yes, I just ate a Raspberry creamsicle....  Don't judge!
P.S. Philly Swirl products are not carried at all stores.  Go to their website to see a listing of the stores that carry it near you.  I know Wal-Mart has it!

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