Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Peanut Butter Problems

So I wonder if eating the Reese's white chocolate egg yesterday was the best idea or not.  It was AMAZING but I already knew that.  The problem is today I was craving PB a ton.  And I caved in.  Ugh!  Me and the peanut butter jar had some talking too.  Spread on celery sticks, dipped in pretzel sticks.  Gave up on using other things and totally splurged with eating it by itself--yup licking it off my fingers. :(

After I had my little (ok kind of giant) splurge, I went and interrupted Casey's studying for finals and cried.  I felt bad but was facing the problem of starving!  I don't know why I am SO hungry today.  Life was fairly regular today and so I don't know what the problem was or why I caved in.  Normally I can withstand temptations pretty well.  So anyway, Casey came and baby sat the kitchen after that and banned me from entering.  And he put away/ hid all of his Easter candy from me.  I don't know what I would do without him!  --Probably have eaten more guilty PB and/or other things....

Now, I have been researching Low Cal PB options.  I didn't think they existed... but they do!  I have read about Better'n Peanut Butter.  It is sold locally so that would be nice and has 100 calories for 2 T.  (so cutting regular PB and even reduced fat PB in half).  I have also read about PB2 Powdered Peanut Butter.  I would have to order this online (making it more expensive) and it would have to be reconstituted.  So it seems kind of strange.  But for 2 T. it only has 45 calories!!  (I am going to be in PB heaven!)  There is also Fit Nutz Peanut Butter Mix.  Which is again is a powdered thing and semi-local (meaning at least it is in my state but it would be a drive).  It has 50 calories (so practically the same) for 2 T. too.  And then I have learned about Walden Farms, Peanut Spread Calorie-Free.  Yes, you read that right 0 calories for the whole jar.  Unheard of!  It is also semi- local.  This is the one that I'm the most nervous about--ZERO calories?!  What on earth is it?

I have read several reviews and am still not sure which option would be best.  Has anyone had any real life experience with any of these?  Would you recommend or vote against any of them and why?  I need advice!  Because any of these products will be a little investment but with my peanut butter LOVING (and extreme missing) habits, it is worth it!  I would just like to get one that I will actually eat and not end up throwing away because even at low calories, it is awful.  Thanks!! :)

Off hand, I am leaning to one of the powdered peanut butters but don't know...


Tiff said...

Lisa - I don't know if you even remember me but I was your BC at EFY. :) I found your blog from your posts on facebook and I love all the stuff you post about food. I'm doing Weight Watchers right now to take off the last of the weight I gained having my son.
All that said - I know they've recommended that powdered PB at the meetings. I've never tried it but I'm curious if you find anything good. I have a weakness for PB too and I find I just have to stay away period. I had one time we bought "White Chocolate Wonderful" from Smith's - tastes like the inside of a Reese's. It was divine until I had a similar moment with my husband realizing I'd eaten most of the small jar in 1 week.
Anyway - just wanted to let you know you're an inspiration to me in what you're doing. :)

Lisa said...

Are you kidding?! Of course I remember you!!! :) I have facebook stalked you and love looking at your pictures of your son and also LOVE you wedding dress!!

I decided to go with the "Better'n PB" because I can buy it in stores locally. It is not as low of calorie but considering it was way easier to get and cheaper because I didn't have to pay shipping, I just went with it. I like it! I had a 150 calorie (no idea how that compares to WW) PB&J sandwich yesterday for the first time in ages! And I enjoyed EVERY bite! :)

If you go to the hungry girl website (the cookbooks I am in LOVE with) after you click on the books specifically, then it will tell you WW points for everything. These books have allowed me to feel like I'm eating real, yummy, fun food again instead of just dieting. Just an idea!

Tiff said...