Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Subbing--a bitter-sweet moment

It is a bitter-sweet moment right now.  Ok so I'm grateful to be able to sub again but holy cow did I enjoy spring break.  I cleaned a lot and didn't really get out of bed very early.  When I finally got up, I would exercise and then take super long hot showers--you know the kind that make your skin turn red.  And I made sure to do the dishes everyday and worked on my checking off my to-do list.  I love having a clean house and taking steaming hot showers.  I even went up and visited my mom.  We took my grandma shopping.  Now that I am subbing again... all of these things have to be cut.  This is the bitter part about having a job today.  I will still work on keeping our home clean but it definitely doesn't happen quite as quickly.  And I (obviously) still take showers but they have to be incredibly fast because my mornings are rushed.  And visiting my mom/ grandma is kind of put on hold.  But it will be nice to be earning money again! :)

Another sweet note, my subbing job today is at one of the schools I applied to work full-time at next year.  So hopefully, I can talk to someone about what is happening with the application process.  Keep your fingers crossed and prayers said for me today.  I planned my outfit last night and got everything ready--in hopes of not being nervous.  Maybe I will get lucky and score an interview today!  Or maybe at least the principal will connect my name to my face and be impressed that I am subbing! :D  Here is to making a wonderful first impression!!  (Well, the secretaries at this school already know me--I sub here often.  But hopefully the connection between awesome sub and teacher application is made and they realize I am the same person!)

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Brown-Eyed Girl said...

hope it goes awesome! i can definitely connect with your nervousness.