Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Subway Copy-Cat Picnic

Last week, I decided to make a subway copycat meal.  We were going to go outside and have a picnic but it turned out to be too cold that night... so instead we brought the picnic blanket inside and enjoyed our Subway Sweet Onion Teriyaki Chicken on Honey'n'Oats bread.  The best part about Subway is all the fresh vegetables you can put on your sandwich.  So... I sliced up lots of various veggies.  We had a wonderful time together and even watched "Mater Tall Tales" at the end.

I just googled and found copy cat recipes I liked.  But here is the sauce and here is the bread that I used.  The sauce calls for corn syrup but instead I made my own using Splenda to keep it low calorie.  I marinated the chicken breasts cut into strips in the sauce too (though I didn't cook the marinade before because I wanted it to be thin) and cooked them on our George Foreman grill.  It was a lot of work and while everything was finishing, I decided it wasn't worth it.  But as soon as I tasted my sandwich, I would make it again in a heart beat.  It really was delicious and seriously better than Subway.


Jennifer said...

Hi, I found you on the Ultimate Blog Party 2011 and I'm a new follower. Hop over and say Hi if you get a chance,Jennifer from Just

Lisa said...

Welcome Jennifer! :) Hope you enjoy your visit!