Monday, April 25, 2011

Week 16 Weigh-In

Ok... considering we ate...
This is just the beginning...
we also had matzo bread, matzo balls & soup, matzo chicken pie, vegetable cutlets, and walnut cake....
It was very interesting learning about the Passover Traditions.
Check out the Bradshaw Bistro for more information and to see more pictures.
P.S. LOVE how Casey is holding my wrist and my hand is on his leg in the picture! :)
And then the rest of the week, I was in the habit of eating more & higher calories so I kept snacking on things-- a lot!

To celebrate our 17 month anniversary, I decided to celebrate by making Creme Brulee.

For our date this week we went out and had...

And we can't forget Easter!  I did fairly well but still had a few pieces of chocolate/ candy and some of a raspberry (cinnamon-like style) roll and just lots of other yummy food and Easter feasts....

Considering all the above, I will be grateful for my
-1 pound 
I'm still going in the right direction!!!  Yipee! :D

And this just means that I need to work harder this week! :)

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