Sunday, May 22, 2011

3 Forbidden Words

There are three words that we never say in our home.  (Well other than a huge long list of obvious words that we just don't say anywhere.  Using those words show a lack of intelligence for not being able to figure out a better way to express yourself... anyway....)  I will explain the reasoning behind each of the forbidden words and maybe it can help your home be a happier place too! :)

1. The D-Word (aka Divorce)
Divorce is NOT an option for us.  We made a covenant which seals us together for eternity and we intend to keep it.  However, just because our marriage was in the right place by the right authority, it does not mean that it will always be easy.  I think sometimes it means that it might be harder because satan is working hard to destroy our eternal family.  So, yes, there are times when things go wrong or we don't get along so well.  We might be upset and say things we will likely regret and apologize for later.  But we never say the d-word.  Period.  We don't throw it out there allowing satan to use that as power over us.  We will work through whatever comes our way.
(FYI:  we still sometimes talk about divorce rates or someone we knew that got a divorce.  That is not what I mean.  We don't use the d-word between us.)

2. The H-Word (aka Hate)
This one kind of goes hand in hand with the d-word.  I know a lot of you see us as having a perfect life and always living our dream life because that is what I portray.  I only focus on the positive.  But... we do have our fair share of problems, trials, and disagreements.  When we are upset for whatever reason and having a lengthy discussion, we don't use the h-word towards each other.  One of us may be complete irritated/ frustrated/ hurt/ etc but we still don't hate our spouse.  We may hate the action but not the person.  So it is just easier to never say that because it rapidly breaks trust and to keep the love & friendship alive even during a heated discussion.

3. The T-Word (aka Temple)
Now this one needs some explaining.  We do talk about the temple and even say the word temple.  We talk about how pretty they are and how we were married in one.  We talk about teaching our kids to love the temple.  We sing songs about the temple.  Honestly, our whole life is focused on the temple.  We keep it the center of our vision and walking the straight and narrow path back to Heavenly Father becomes really the only way of life.

So what do I mean by having the t-word on our forbidden list.  We never say we are going to the temple.  When we are planning to go and figuring out our schedules, we never actually say why we are figuring them out.  We both just know and it doesn't need to be said.  As soon as we announce or talk about going to the temple, satan starts working on us and trying to keep us from going.  We used to ask about when we would go to the temple and we would always end up either not going when we planned or having to work through a problem first.  We learned from trial and error.  Life is much more peaceful if we just go to the temple without verbally announcing it.  And so now when we are planning temple trips, we try to go at the same time so then it doesn't have to be planned or use code words instead of saying "lets go to the temple."


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