Friday, May 13, 2011

Another Successful Interview

So I am kind of beginning to get sick of interviewing.  At least I'm not nervous anymore!  In some ways, I guess I feel like having an interview doesn't mean a ton because so far nothing is coming from it.  I had a hard time trying to motivate myself to actually do be excited and energetic about the interview today.

Fortunately, my attitude changed really fast when the principal started asking me questions and my love and enthusiasm for teaching began to shine through.  I really do love teaching but more than that, I love FACS!  I get to teach everyday about the thing I love the most--the family and home life.  This was definitely the perfect major for me!!!

It went really well!  I should hear from the principal next week sometime.  This would be an awesome job because I would be teaching foods the whole day.  Honestly, I do love all parts to my major but I LOVE, LOVE cooking.  Experimenting with recipes, figuring out how to make adapt something, teaching others to make a new creation, demoing, etc... these are all the things that I enjoy doing the very most!

So we will see what works out.  I just keep trusting that Heavenly Father will place me in the right school for me.  This interview was at high school level.  But that's fine because I could honestly be happy in either a jr. or sr. high.  And when I was an EFY counselor, I way preferred the older kids to the younger ones.  So teaching high school in some ways would be better.  Everyone please keep praying....  (I promise to let you know when all of your prayers and our prayers are finally answered!!)

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