Sunday, May 1, 2011

The Awaited Changes

Life is hard to predict.  Change is constant.  To change is to grow and in order to grow and become who we are meant to be, we have to change.  We have no idea where we will be in 2 years... let alone 20-30 years.  The only thing we are sure of, no matter where we end up, we will always be firmly rooted in the gospel and our testimonies will continue to blossom.

Although we didn't move, when we woke up this morning, we didn't know where we would be going to church next week, where our ward boundaries would be, or who we would be going with.  We only knew change was happening.  We just got home from the 5 Married Student Stake Conference that explained what the future will hold.

Elder D. Faser Bullock explained the reason for reorganizing the married student stakes.
(1)  The people that live further from BYU campus are needed in their conventional (home) stakes.  The youth need your example and you need the wisdom from the seasoned brothers and sisters.  They need your faithfulness.
(2)  This is following the pattern of change that is happening with all of the single wards and stakes.  Before people had choices of where they wanted to attend church.  We loose people with choices.  The changes bring accountability.
And (3)  With the changes happening to the single wards and stakes, we need to create two more YSA stakes.  We need more areas to facilitate them.  The single people need more support so they can follow your example (keep in mind who he is talking to--this is a married student stake conference) and graduate from the single life.  (ha,ha,ha... this made me laugh!)

For the next 35 minutes, we listened to all the the changes and reorganizations.  Every ward was asked to stand up one by one and they were then given the opportunity to give their sustaining vote for the changes.  Several wards were dissolved (will be sent to their conventional wards), split, combined, merged, etc.  I didn't understand a lot of the boundary changes and I doubt the people in those wards did either.  All of the wards were given a new name.  We now start at 1 and count up consecutively (this makes all too much sense!) through the 3 married stakes that remain intact instead of completely random numbers.  This really touched me because each person was able to raise his or her hand to show support for the changes.

So how does all of this affect Casey and me?  Well... not too much considering everything we listened too.  Our stake was dissolved though and the former stake presidency was sustained as a YSA stake presidency.  The Japanese ward (and a different stake hosting a Chinese ward) were reassigned to the buildings they meet in.  (I'm sad--I loved our Japanese members and wish I could go visit their Primary one more time but holy cow is this good news for them--their full functioning ward with a mutual program and missionaries out will actually get to mingle with others their age!!!) Almost all of the rest of the wards in our former stake was put into a new stake together.

Our entire ward was assigned to a different stake than the rest of our former stake.  Not the biggest deal because to be honest, we don't really know the people in our stake very much.  I do slightly because of my (former) stake calling.  The changes on a the ward level really aren't too drastic!  We keep the same boundaries and the same Bishop.  We had the opportunity to resustain him today.  We will be meeting at the Stake Center located about 2 blocks from our house!  Yipee!  We can walk to church--before our building was at least 2-3 miles away (which I know is not far for most people in the world but considering how many LDS church buildings we passed to get there, it seemed kind of ridiculous).  We will be meeting at 1:40-4:40 (this is the only sad note for the day--oh my that is late!) with Sacrament meeting being last.

Ok... so I know there are more people in my ward that want to know more details because they were not able to attend today for whatever reason.  If you do (and no one else has told you) send me a private message and I will tell you the name of the ward/ stake we are in, the website to checkout with the boundaries, etc.  Sorry that is too much personal information on a public blog...

My favorite message from the meeting came from the person conducting.  I don't even know his name.  He spoke after all the changes were complete and said something along the lines of how most of us sitting here now have no idea where we will attend church next Sunday, what time the meetings will be at, and some don't even know who they will be going with.  "But, each of you are still in a ward and you will still serve in those wards no matter where you go!"  He continued on to talk about how "every ward is made up of [several] foundational units of the family.
Your eternal unit of the family will never be reorganized!"  (LOVED that because Casey and I really can be together forever!!!  And no matter where we are assigned to go to church, it is still true and we are still together!)  He concluded by saying how "today is a historical day" and encouraged us to think back to that historic day when your family was organized and the eternal covenants you entered in to that day.  "Both are significant."

I also liked the message shared by a stake president that I will never see again.  (And would not recognize even if I did because I was looking down taking notes!)  He reminded us that we are only here for a short time.  (Thank goodness we won't be eternal students!)  And then he said, but so were the saints at Kirtland and Nauvoo--and look at all the good they accomplished, the legacy they left, the temples they built.  You can have that type of impact too, if you choose to!


Patrick, Adrienne, & Bella said...

So your ward essentially isn't changing? It's just in a diff stake with a diff name? That's pretty cool. We got 25 couples in our ward added. Our bishop whose been in the ward for fifteen years and has been in the bishopric for several years said it is an answer to his, and many others', prayers. He was very excited and touched by the changes. I think the reasons they told you are spot on. We have always loved being in family wards since we got married. Also, we had sacrament last in Texas and I actually really like it. I miss it. And when you have toddlers it's great too bc they get worn out and are more chill then. Lol. At least, ours is haha.

Lisa said...

Yeah our ward is basically the same but with a new name and a new building to meet in. It is because we live so close to campus. And I think they realized if they were to put my whole ward back into a family ward, it would totally overwhelm it because there are so many of us living so close together. That's my theory at least.

I know everyone has been praying for the changes for a long time. We were told that many times and I thought that was really touching!!

When we move (no idea when that will be) we are actually looking forward to going to a family ward. We love our ward right now but I think it will be fun to experience something different too. :)