Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Bye-Bye Birdie

Last night, Casey and I had the opportunity to watch Bye-Bye Birdie.  The students were performing at the school where I am working as a long term sub.  We enjoyed being together to watch the play and the kids did a great job!  The theater is in the round at the auditorium so that was interesting!

But honestly, Casey was almost just as entertaining to watch as the kids were.  He was cracking up laughing over almost everything.  Seriously.  Hearing him laugh so much kept giggling.  I'm sure the people around us were rubbing their heads and wondering why on earth we had to sit near them.  Poor people--hopefully no one was filming near us or the sound may not be the greatest.  I asked him why he laughed so much and he just told me the kids were funny.  I do have to admit, some of the students were quite the character and they were entertaining.  Whatever the cause of Casey's laughter, I loved hearing it!  Maybe it brought back memories for when he was on stage crew and I was in the school play our 9th grade year--awh... good times! :)

Anyway, as we were driving home, we passed a movie theater and saw that the Justin Bieber movie was playing (I don't even know the actual name of the film??).  Yup... he is definitely the latest Conrad Birdie.  I wonder if some of the girls in my classes have Bieber pledges and squeal with delight every time they see his picture.  Oh the joys of being young and star struck with twitterpation. ;)

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JandS Morgan said...

We did that musical in High School. Talk about cheesy! But it was fun.