Saturday, May 14, 2011

Daily Dates

Every day is date night!  I am really loving having my husband back for the summer!!  He used to be way busy studying and doing assignments (and going to work/ class) that I really didn’t see him all too often.  Welcome summer and being together every single night! :D  Please stick around for a while, ok?!

Sundayromantic dinner and sweet card celebrating Mother’s Day.  Then we just kind of stayed up laughing and talking. 
Monday—had Family Home Evening together and watched Bye-Bye Birdie
Tuesday—nice dinner and watched TV together… both of us were kind of working on separate things but we were still in the same room and that was a nice change!
Wednesday—we went to the temple together.  By the time we finished, it was too late to actually cook something if we wanted to eat sometime before bedtime.  So we went out to eat at Magleby’s Fresh.  It took some work to get a healthy choice to eat but after altering everything I order, (wheat instead of white, dressing on the side, steamed instead of sautéed, etc) I found a great choice. 
Thursday—walked through the store together.  Then we went on a bike ride for awhile.
Friday—watched Gnomeo & Juliet in 3D at the theater.  It was cute.  Doubt I will watch it again but we enjoyed it.  (Sidenote: I don’t like 3D movies because I don’t like wearing glasses.  I’m not used to moving my head/ laying on Casey’s shoulder and then having things go out of focus.)
Saturday—saw 2 shows at the BYU planetarium.  And a light show.  Plus, it was all free because it was Astro Fest.  We rode our bikes to campus and ended up riding home in the rain.  We also went out to eat with my sister… thanks Julie! :)

See what I mean… every night really is date night.  I love the freedom that comes with school being out and the laughter that erupts and romance that blossoms with all our spare time.

I’m also becoming rather fond of going to work every morning together!  It makes leaving home not so hard because I get to leave hand in hand with my best friend.  I drop him off, we share one last kiss, and then I continue on to the school I’m long term subbing at.  So far, its working out great and making the goodbye not so sad! 



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Brown-Eyed Girl said...

It all sounds so romantic! Kinda like a Disney movie, newly-wed style.