Monday, May 2, 2011

The First Outdoor Picnic (for the season)

One of my favorite parts about the spring-like weather is going on picnics.  Today was the perfect day.  I didn't even need my jacket! :)  (Kind of crazy considering two days ago we had a good few inches of snow covering the ground and our lives.)  And with Casey being D.O.N.E. with classes for the semester, he finally has time to go with me!  We kept laughing at one little girl wearing pink--oh my she was friendly and her poor mother and to stand the whole time just so she could keep track of where her daughter had ran off too.

Man... we (meaning he) is getting good at self-portraits on the cell phone!
Love this picture!!!  See how beautiful it was today?
Our picnic... all this food for 205 calories!
Bologna, cheese, lettuce, & MIRACLE WHIP sandwich!  It was DELICIOUS! :D
Cinnamon Apple Sauce & Carrot Sticks
BTW: before anyone freaks out about a 200 calorie meal and wants to telling me that I'm not eating enough, just know that I am.  I eat several small meals a day.  It helps me not be hungry and leaves me feeling in control instead of empowering all the snacks I turn to when I eat "regular" sized meals only 3 times a day.

Seriously one of my favorite activities--ever!
And a wonderful way to end a wonderful picnic!!!
(Well, it was wonderful until Casey wanted to start playing bumper swings with me... LoL!)
P.S. I know this is totally unrelated, but I had to share... I have a job interview tomorrow!  I don't even have an application in at the school.  The principal just randomly called me today from a list she got.  SO EXCITED!  Everyone keep praying
--obviously something is going right! ;)


Becky said...

Great picture of you two! I think a picnic is a great idea, so much fun! Also, congrats on the interview! I'm doing my internship in the fall, and then hopefully I can start subbing. I doubt I will teach full time for a few years, because I want to be home. But my hubby is going to be a teacher too, so I can live vicariously through him!

Lisa said...

What area are you going into? Is an internship the same thing as student teaching (I'm guessing yes) in Canada? Is it paid (internships here for teachers are but student teaching is not)? Congrats on being SO close to finishing!!! You can see the light at the end of the tunnel--isn't that a great feeling?! :)

Becky said...

I'm going to be teaching high school, and my areas are French and Spanish. I love both, so really can't wait to teach!
Yes, internship is student teaching, but we call it internship because its four months long in fourth year. We do student teaching once a week, plus two one-week increments in third year.
It's not paid, I wish it was! There's been talk of making it paid, but it won't happen in my time! Oh well, at least I'll be DONE! Can't wait!