Saturday, May 21, 2011

Gold Stars

So I really don't know what happened to my last class yesterday.  But I loved it!  That is the period I have struggled with the most.  Complete nightmare.  There are 4 students that cause all the problems and I'm sure the rest of them are fabulous but the great kids kind of get masked by the bratty ones.

Those 4 students in the past have not had fabric and therefore not worked on anything.  They yell to each other. They are disrespectful.  They eat in class, I tell them to throw it away and then they hide all the trash in the sewing machine.  They sabotaged the serger on purpose.  They run around the room.  Break large plastic rulers. Ignore me.  Argue with me.  Drive all the people around them crazy.  You get the picture.

I tried a seating chart change.  I was hoping that would work wonders--it didn't.  I have tried talking to them individually.  Nope.  I tried my mean teacher be super strict act.  Nope.  Nothing was working.  And it was getting so out of control that I was running out of ideas as to what to do.  I sent my TA to get another teacher.  I didn't know what the other teacher would do but I was desperate.  If that teacher didn't have any ideas, then I was sending them up to the office or calling a principal down.

Well, bless that teacher's heart.  She took them out into the hall and talked to them.  I don't know what she said but they all apparently respected her WAY more than they do me--go figure.  She informed them that if any of them caused any more problems, they would be removed from my class permanently and would be doing book work the rest of the year.  (There are TWO week left... really kids?!)

So yesterday as the last period is approaching, I'm kind of nervous.  I have no idea what is going to happen because the whole drama of getting the other teacher happened the last time they were in my class.  I hoping for good things but am expecting to send them out with a book and not allow them back in.

It helped that 2 of the 4 were absent.  That was a start!  But the other 2 were fabulous!  One brought material (hallelujah) and was actually working on cutting things out.  It seemed to be taking way longer than it should be but at least he was not causing problems.  The other one there yesterday brought fabric that she cut out at home.  And she had already sewed at home too.  It was a miracle! :)  The two of them kept asking me if they were being good and I kept praising and praising them.  Telling them how good they were, how beautiful the fabric was, how much I appreciated their smiles, etc!

The period went by SO fast too... it was amazing!  I hope it can last for 2 more weeks!!!!

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